Terms & Conditions

Payment Options

There is no prepayment when you book a daily tour online. After you book, our team member who will contact you by phone, whatsapp or e-mail will make your reservation. If you are arriving in Marmaris or already located at Marmaris, our guide will meet you in front of your hotel or house, give you your ticket and will charge the total price for your tickets in accordance with the prices announced on our website. Payments include all taxes (VAT) and are accepted as cash only.

Please note that we do not have an agreement with every hotel in Marmaris, therefore, we may not have the chance to enter the lobby of each hotel. If our agents cannot enter your hotel, they will meet you in front of your hotel and deliver your ticket.

Unexpected Changes on Tours

Yagna Tourism Travel Agency reserves the right to cancel and change the changes and any changes caused by unscheduled problems and makes a maximum effort to inform you at least 1 day in advance. Tour changes made by you are subject to availability.

Cancellations Made by Us

In the case of tour cancellations made by us, our company will pay the entire amount back to you.

Cancellations Made by You

Due to the resources allocated to customers, our company cannot allow arbitrary cancellations. However, in case of health problems, the full amount you pay for the tours can be refunded and cancelled. Half of the total cost you pay for tours in non-health emergencies will be refunded to you. Thank you for your understanding.

Passport and Visa

If you would like to book a tour of Rhodes, please check if you have a valid Schengen visa. Green passport holders do not need a visa. European citizens must bring their passports with them.

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