Beaches of Marmaris - Best Marmaris Beaches 28/05/2019

Beaches of Marmaris - Best Marmaris Beaches

One of Turkey's most beautiful cities, Marmaris, which is also known as "the Pearl of Turkey" has a worldwide reputation from its beaches. Marmaris, which is a part of the province of Muğla, is home to a large natural harbour and multiple beaches. Being the harmony of the Mediterranean and the Aegean, Marmaris is one of the few in the world. It is a completely different city where the green forests and blue waters of the Aegean are completed with the warm climate of the Mediterranean. In addition to these, it is equipped with historical and unique beaches. Some of these beaches are protected, some are open to the public, and some still retain the mystery. Here are some of the most known beaches: Marmaris Uzunyali Beach, Marmaris Icmeler Beach, Marmaris Turunc Beach, Cleopatra Beach, Kizkumu Beach (Jesus Beach).

Uzunyali Beach (Center Beach)

Uzunyali Beach in Marmaris Center is the first natural wonder that you see when you come to Marmaris. It is a really priceless experience to watch the views of the islands while you are swimming at this often preferred beach. The surrounding restaurants, hotels, night clubs and water sports centres are also popular. In addition to all of them, it is quite good to walk on the beach at night.

Icmeler Beach

Icmeler Beach, with its crystal clear water and activities like swimming, water sports, diving is a masterpiece! The restaurants, bars and accommodations around are less known and more tranquil compared to the centre. Above the beach is the forest that surrounds Icmeler and the view of Marmaris from across is truly spectacular.

Turunc Beach

Compared to Marmaris and İçmeler, Turunc Beach has a quieter and cleaner beach. A beach where you can count sand grains in clear and colourful waters! It is a good alternative to swim in crystal waters varying between turquoise, blue and green colours, surrounded by mountains.

Some beaches around Marmaris has unique stories!

Cleopatra Beach

Cleopatra Beach, which was named after Cleopatra herself, was formed by the Roman General, Marcus Antonius, for his lover Cleopatra, brought special sand from Egypt. The beach, which is the subject of this great love, has specially designed with golden sands! The beach is under the protection and its reputation is constantly rising.

Jesus Beach (Kizkumu Beach)

Kizkumu Beach (Jesus Beach), which is one of the few examples of history allows you to walk on the water! One of the stories told is about Jesus tries to escape from the enemies and nature helps him by allowing him to walk on the water. According to another myth, the true love between a sailor and the daughter of the king. The king doesn't give permission to his daughter to marry with the sailor, thus, the girl escapes from the kingdom to meet and run away with his lover. When she reaches to the sea, she fills her skirts with sand and pours it into the sea to make a walking path, but drowns on halfway because sands aren't enough. Kizkumu Beach, which is the subject of myths, is worth seeing.

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