Your Guide to Explore Marmaris 08/04/2019

Your Guide to Explore Marmaris

1. Explore the sea of Marmaris

Exploring the bays around Marmaris is perhaps the most beautiful activity that you can do in the city. The bays, which are all beautiful, will leave remarkable memories in your mind. You will never forget this spectacular time that you spend with the harmony of turquoise, blue and green! Visiting and exploring places such as Paradise Island, Akvaryum Bay, Pirate Cave, Turunç, İçmeler, Kumlubük Bay, Çiftlik Bay, Pregnant Church Bay and Kadırga Bay must be on your to-do list when you come to Marmaris. You can go on a boat trip to and swim in these unique and beautiful bays, do scuba diving and see thousands of different fish species, enjoy phenomenal views around Marmaris etc. One thing is certain; the boat trip in Marmaris is the best thing you can do!

2. Explore the environment and geography of Marmaris

Exploring the forests, mountains, waterfalls and other natural wonders around Marmaris is at the top of your to-do list when you come to the city. You will enjoy Marmaris by travelling from the muddy paths, swimming under waterfalls, passing through the rivers. You may choose to travel with Quad and Buggy Safari (ATV) yourself, or with Jeep Safari via driver, or with Horse Safari via beautiful horses. By having the chance to explore hidden natural wonders of Marmaris; Quad and Buggy Safari (ATV), Jeep Safari and Horse Safari tours will be your favourite tours in Marmaris for sure!

3. Explore the history of Marmaris

Join the history of Marmaris, which dates back to the 3000s BC. We strongly recommend you to travel to the past by exploring historical artifacts and ruins such as Marmaris Museum, Marmaris Castle, Sariana Tomb, Grand Bazaar, and Arched Bridge. It is worth seeing the historical ruins in the bays around Marmaris that has legendary stories such as the Pregnant Church Bay.

4. Explore the beaches of Marmaris

Visiting the magnificent beaches in and around Marmaris is one of the most beautiful exploration activity that you can ever do! Uzunyali Beach, Icmeler Beach, Turunc Beach, Sedir Island Beach, Paradise Beach, Cleopatra Beach, Kizkumu Beach, Iztuzu Beach and other beaches are some of the unique beaches of and around Marmaris. Along with the wonders of nature, there are beaches that are considered historical heritage. Especially Kizkumu Beach, which is located in Orhaniye, also known as Jesus Beach, is a very famous beach. The story of that is about the prophet Jesus, who walked over the sea, and beach occurred to help him by. The other famous ones are the Cleopatra Beach and Iztuzu Beach. The Roman general of that time has ordered his slaves to bring golden sand from North America for his love to Cleopatra, so that, it is called Cleopatra Beach. The longest beach on earth and the home of Caretta Caretta’s; the Iztuzu Beach which is located at the Dalyan.

5. Explore the neighbours of Marmaris

When you come here, we recommend you to visit Marmaris's neighbours with daily excursions and to explore the natural beauties, beaches, bays etc. If you wish, you can enjoy the mud bath while exploring the magnificent natural wonders of Dalyan, Iztuzu beach and the King's Tombs. You can witness the harmony of blue and green in the magnificent bays and rest your soul in the beauty at Fethiye, another nearby city. You can go to Rhodes Island to experience the Greek culture and see the exact place of the Statue of Rhodes which is one of the seven wonders of the world. If you want, you can go to Pamukkale and see the unique travertines and get a life-long memory. In order to explore historical ruins, relics and artifacts like Artemis Temple, which is an another one of the seven wonders of the earth, and Mother Mary's Tomb, the mother of Jesus, you can travel to Ephesus and have a wonderful, memorable time.

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