Marmaris Horse Safari Tour


Marmaris Horse Safari Tour

Our tour, which has been done with the horses that have been ancient friends of mankind for thousands of years; Horse Safari Tour is with you.

First of all, we would like to point out that Marmaris Horse Riding Safari Daily Excursion will start with our own horses and our own facilities. We have undertaken the responsibilities of being a rare tourism agency providing this service. We want you to know that the comfort of our horses is kept at the highest level and we take care of everything about them in the best way possible. The health, security, comfort and freedom of our horses are the most important goals and values of ours. They have been our closest friends, perhaps, since our existence. Thus, it is our ultimate duty to respond to their loyalty.
Horse riding is a favourite hobby and activity for sure. One of the rarest place for horse riding in Turkey; the pearl of Turkey, Marmaris, offers you a phenomenal activity which we call it the Horse Safari Tour. We are confident about that, Marmaris Horse Safari is an activity that you haven't experienced before. You will be very pleased and will experience spectacular memories that you have ever had on a vacation. The reason you are in one of the best locations you can do Horse Safari is that you will be integrated with nature and enjoy the wonderful views.
Our tour will start in our facility which is 20 minutes away from Marmaris. It is very easy to reach our facility and it is organised every day. You can make your reservation anytime you like. Our pick-up and drop-back services will serve you in this Horse Safari Trip as well. You can join with your friends and have a lot of fun and you can experience great memories to remember in the future.
The 3-hour Horse Safari will let you explore the rural areas of Marmaris and especially, the natural wonders of Marmaris National Park while you inhale the fresh air. We have organized 4 different tour times throughout the day according to your preference. With 10.00 - 12.00 - 14.00 - 16.00 options, whichever you want to join, you just need to contact us.
You don't need to be afraid if you've haven't experienced a horse riding before! Our horses are very well tamed for your safety. The horses that we specially bring for your tour will just be your helpful friends and they will carry you on a comfortable and pleasant journey. In addition to all that, you will be accompanied by our professional horse instructors and tamers.
At the beginning of Horse Safari Tour, they will give you information about what to do and how to do it and will provide you with a comfortable and trouble-free safari tour with you all day long. With our specially trained and well-tamed pony horses, your children will have a lot of fun. If you want to ride with your children after security measures are taken they will be able to ride big horses with you as well.
With our horses, we're waiting for you on a fun-filled adventure!
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