Marmaris White Water Rafting


Rafting in Marmaris

Rafting in Marmaris is one of the fun activities you shouldn’t miss on your excursion to Turkey. Excellent rafting has gained fame for Turkey hence attracting millions of tourists every year.

Why choose Marmaris rafting tour?

There are so many reasons why you should choose Marmaris rafting tour during your excursion to Turkey. Some of the reasons incorporate:

To get the ultimate pleasure

Nothing is exciting than rafting along Dalaman River. It is the best way to pass the time as you have optimum fun during your holiday. As you travel along the river, you will be able to have a look at what Turkey has to offer.

To take photos

As you raft along the river, you will get a golden opportunity to take colourful photos that will make your album more adorable and appealing. The photos you take will always remind you of the memorable experience you encountered during your visit to Paris.

To swim

Swimming is a hobby of many. Rafting in Marmaris takes you to very clear water that one can swim inside. The water around the river is recommended for swimming and therefore, tourists security is assured.

Things to Carry On Your Marmaris Rafting Tour

As you plan your rafting tour in Marmaris, it is essential that you carry with you the following items.

A Helmet

One of the things you shouldn’t miss to carry with you on your rafting tour is a helmet. We care so much about your security. On that note, we advise you for free to bring a modern protective helmet that will protect you from rocks around the river which might cause fatal injuries to your head. A helmet also is helpful when you get an accident as you travel along the river. It will protect you from sharp rocks that might tear apart your head.

Life Jackets

On your rafting tour in Marmaris, you ought to carry with you a life jacket that will salvage your life in case your boat capsizes in the water. In as much as we have able boat instructors and life-saving divers, it is very imperative that you put on a life jacket before you board a boat so that you give the divers an easy time and an enabling environment to save your life in case your boat is swept away by dynamic waves.

Cash Money

As you plan to go for a rafting tour in Marmaris, it is prudent that you carry with you some cash. At some point, you will need to buy food, drinks, take photos and even rent a boat. You will, therefore, need money to pay for the food and other services that require payments on your rafting tour.

Things to See on Your Rafting Tour

As you raft along Marmaris, you will get a chance to see the following tourists attractions.


There are so many mountains in Marais that you can see on your rafting tour. If you have sufficient time, you can climb some of them and give yourself optimum pleasure.

Dense Forests

Dense Forests is among the top things that you will see as you travel along the river. The forests are very green making the place look glorious. The captivating melodies of the friendly birds in the forest will make your excursion memorable.
Anytime you think of making a journey to Turkey when on vacation. Never miss taking rafting tour in Marmaris for it gives one a delightful adventure.
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