Marmaris and Its History 07/04/2019


Marmaris is a beautiful place where you can see the harmony of blue and green. Unique bays and beaches, dozens of activities, every type of accommodation from luxurious to modest, rich cuisine, historical ruins, ancient cities etc. Marmaris, which has the opportunity to open easily to the outside world with Dalaman Airport and Rhodes Ferries as well as land transportation, increases its importance due to its proximity to Fethiye and Datça roads. As it is a suitable natural harbour for yachts in the Mediterranean Sea, yachts can be manufactured, repaired and maintained in workshops.

Mediterranean climate, even in winter, while providing the opportunity to swim around, the surrounding pine forests with tight and high mountains, rare earth (Liquidamber Orientalis) trees and broad-leaved sycamore trees constitute the green texture of Marmaris.


The first settlement in Marmaris, which dates back to 3400 BC; It is claimed that the heads of the region started with the arrival of a tribe with the name of Car. The name Caria was given to the region in the meaning of Car's country. The abundance of the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts has always made the region attractive.

Thus, Marmaris has become a place where many civilizations ruled over time. It is possible to see the traces of Caria, Rhodes and Island civilizations, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, Egypt, Macedonian, Syrian, and Persian and many more civilizations in the region. Pyhskos is the first name of the city.

Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent (1520-1566), who came to the region in 1521 for the expedition to Rhodes, rebuilt the Castle of Physkos and changed its name to Mimaras. Marmaris is believed to have come from here. However, in some sources from the previous period, the names Marmarisos and Mermeris are mentioned.

According to another rumour, the oldest profession in the city was marble. The ruins indicate that the Turkmen tribes were doing their marble work, and the Byzantines were called Marble-city. Menteseogulları, where he lived during the most magnificent period of the city, was called as Mermeris. The city, known by this name until the 1915s, has been transformed into the present state of Marmaris with the intensive use of the Italians.

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