Turkish Bath in Marmaris


Turkish Bath in Marmaris

Marmaris Turkish Bath – it’s a whole culture that dates back to the Roman baths. Hamam – a place where people not only clean but also, according to religion, get cleared of evil spirits, born again to light. The name “hamam” is derived from the Hebrew and Arabic, from the word “ham”, which means “hot.”

The main secret of the healing properties of the hamam is in the unique microclimate – a special temperature mode and humidity, which forms gentle warm steam, so the procedure does not create any discomfort and is ideal even for people suffering from intolerance to high temperatures. The procedure is better to visit a hamam in the first days of rest, not only to plunge into the world of local Turkish traditions and forget about all the problems and focus on the rest but also the best way to prepare your body for the tanning.

Hamam treatment has a beneficial effect on the overall physical and emotional condition of the body, it accelerates metabolism, and even contributes to weight loss and rejuvenation of the body as a whole. One of the main procedures in the complex shaped by centuries of traditional rituals, visit the hamam using the peeler “kese” – special coated gloves made of natural silk fibers, which helps get rid of the dirty layer of the skin and prepare the body for a smooth, perfect tan.

Our company cooperates with Hammam, which is located at the Laberna Hotel. Presented on the site tour includes the classic package: sauna, steam bath, soapy massage, exfoliation and short oil massage. Additional services can be ordered separately from the employees of the Turkish bath. Therefore, we invite you to visit the Eastern tale and plunge into the wonderful world of pampering and relaxation, giving yourself a wonderful mood and well-being for all further rest. Having been in our Turkish bath, you can join the culture and traditions of the ancient Turks and feel like a sultan!

The price of the Turkish Bath in Marmaris includes:

  • Transfer from the hotels of Marmaris and Icmeler,
  • Sauna,
  • Hamam,
  • Massage and soap peeling,
  • 5-minute oil massage.

Extra charges for Hamam in Marmaris:

  • All other treatments on request.
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